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MonTowers Monsters List (Blood Tower)

Thursday, March 21st, 2013 by

blood tower monsters

Let’s continue our journey down the anime rabbit hole with this next batch of MonTowers monsters. These are the beasts that lie in wait within the third tower – the Blood Tower. Included again are pictures, stats, special abilities, and a little bit of lore which may or may not be true.

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.

Half Elf

half elf

Atk: 310 | HP: 1430 | Time: 30m | RegenIron Skin

Deemed too uncouth by elves and too “pointy-eared” by humans, these halfbreeds are outcasts by nature, often choosing a life of solitude. Many are vagabonds from birth, wandering from place to place and living off the earth.

Vampire Spawn

vampire spawn

Atk: 280 | HP: 1620 | Time: 30m | Fury

These undead nasties aren’t vampires in the traditional sense; it’s true they need blood to survive but they aren’t able to spread vampirism like their proper brethren. Vampire Spawn are created via magical means, en masse, and thusly lack the charm and prowess that actual vampires are renowned for.



Atk: 295 | HP: 1781 | Time: 30m | Critical

The scourge of treasure hunters everywhere, mimics resemble ripe and juicy treasure chests… until they open their mouths. Many a careless arm has been lost to these twisted simulacrums. Seasoned adventurers are more sensitive to the presence of mimics, and know to prod suspicious boxes with their swords before reaching to open them.

Light Elemental

light elemental

Atk: 350 | HP: 1622 | Time: 30m | Soul 20%

The blinding light emitted from these elemental beings make them a difficult enemy; it’s virtually impossible to keep them in your direct line of sight. Harnessing a light brighter than the sun, the light elemental is one tough hombre. Until you slap on a pair of shades, that is.

Dark Dwarf

dark dwarf

Atk: 352 | HP: 1782 | Time: 30m | Iron SkinRegen

Deep below the dwelling of the Mountain Dwarves lies the underworld – an impossibly deep network of tunnels where light cannot penetrate. Inhabiting this realm are all manner of forgotten life, including the malicious dark dwarves, who wage their eternal battle with the dark elves.



Atk: 379 | HP: 1840 | Time: 45m | CriticalDodge

Monks have taken a mandatory vow of celibacy, which helps to explain their voracity in combat. With no acceptable outlet for all those crazy hormonal urges, they take it out on their enemies in a dizzying dance of martial arts brutality.



Atk: 379 | HP: 1926 | Time: 45m | Dodge

Twisted corpses that have been mutated and reanimated by necromancy, ghouls are best known for their awful, awful smell. Seriously, they make zombies smell like a bouquet of roses by comparison. Their stench is so terrible, in fact, that it often incapacitates their victims, leaving them defenseless as they retch.



Atk: 426 | HP: 1811 | Time: 45m | RegenFury

Awlbears are the product of perverse sorcery that fuses a bear with an awl (Alsperia’s more fanciful version of the owl) to create a beast of immense power and indiscriminate rage. Don’t let the cute face fool you! It’s all fun and games until she rends the flesh from your bones.



Atk: 407 | HP: 2070 | Time: 45m | Soul 20%RegenIron Skin

The sandmen of Alsperia feed on people’s dreams in order to maintain their own life force. If ever you wake up, sure that you had a vivid dream but unable to remember any details, then its likely that the sandman stole it from you.



Atk: 380 | HP: 2312 | Time: 45m | Critical Iron Skin

For all their intellect and wisdom, the sphinx spends most of its time grooming itself, forever cursed by its tremendous vanity. You won’t find a shinier head of hair in all the realm, though.

Dark Elf

dark elf

Atk: 493 | HP: 2117 | Time: 1h | CriticalSuper Regen

Having spent all of their years deep in the underworld, the dark elves of Alsperia have developed black-tinted skin and eyes that see through the darkness as though it were day. Shine any kind of light in those eyes, though, and they’ll recoil in agony.



Atk: 445 | HP: 2468 | Time: 1h | Soul 20%Regen

The royal knights of Alsperia are master tacticians and highly-trained combatants. You can always discern a knight’s rank by calculating how much skin is exposed. Less armor = more power.

Half Golem

half golem

Atk: 441 | HP: 2665 | Time: 1h | Iron Skin Regen

The term ‘Half Golem’ is a bit of a misnomer – they aren’t golems at all, and they have a heart and soul. A heart an soul augmented with ingrained chunks of massive steel.



Atk: 516 | HP: 2415 | Time: 1h | Regen Iron Skin

Combining all the majesty of the giant eagle with all the lovability of the common horse, the hippogriphs of Alsperia are the prized mounts of the royal league of sky knights. The bond between a sky knight and his hippogriph goes beyond symbiosis; a telepathic link can sometimes be formed if the hippogriph allows it.



Atk: 556 | HP: 2392 | Time: 1h | Dodge Regen Accel

A deadlier fusion of man and beast there never was; the wereleopard is the ultimate predator. The roar of the wild cat and a flash of spots is often the very last thing their victims witness.



Atk: 523 | HP: 3115 | Time: 1h 30m | Critical Accel

“Not another antman!” That’s what you hear summoners saying time and time again when taking their chances with the Gachamon. For being such a rare creature, you sure see a ton of them. It’s too bad you can’t trade extras. Not that it matters, because I’m sure you’d be stuck with twenty of them, too.



Atk: 470 | HP: 3565 | Time: 1h 30m | Super RegenAccel

These vicious giants are endowed with a fast-acting regeneration ability – you can literally watch as freshly dealt wounds seal themselves before your very eyes. Combine that with their size and power and you have yourself one of the most resilient monsters around.

White Dragon

white dragon

Atk: 630 | HP: 2968 | Time: 1h 30m | FuryIron Skin

While not as fearsome as some of Alsperia’s other dragons, it’s still a dragon and that means it should never be taken lightly. The white dragon can blast a large area with a cone of arctic breath, quickly freezing everything in its path.



Atk: 750 | HP: 3062 | Time: 2h | Soul 30%Regen

Mummies are immensely powerful and highly possessive of their stuff. Where there’s a tomb loaded with treasure, there’s a mummy who won’t let you leave alive. A minor thing like death isn’t going to stop them from retaining what is rightfully theirs.



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