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MonTowers Monsters List (Doom Tower 1/2)

Friday, April 12th, 2013 by

montowers doom tower 1

The Doom Tower is the first of the big towers in MonTowers, sprawling an entire 100 floors from top to bottom. Herein is the bestiary for the lower half of Doom Tower. Inside you’ll find pictures, stats, abilities, and lots of asinine descriptions detailing each monster’s lore.

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.

Pink Jelly

pink jelly

ATK: 520 | HP: 2969 | Time: 45m | Dodge - Fury

Unlike their cousins, the green slimes, pink jellies are capable of great shapeshifting feats, able to transform into whatever form to create the perfect trap. Given that there favorite morsel is the flesh of teenage boys, it should come as no surprise that they often shift up some boobies.

Sea Lion

sea lion

ATK: 609 | HP: 2585 | Time: 45m | Regen Soul 20%

Sea Lions are, like so many of Alsperia’s weird creatures, the result of twisted magic. These abominations of nature are rarely found in the depths; their small lung capacity keeps them near the surface, where they feed on fish and the occasional stray kid.



ATK: 654 | HP: 2777 | Time: 45m | DodgeCritical Regen

From a distance, they look almost like angels, soaring with grace and tremendous speed. As they come closer, it becomes apparent they are definitely not angels; by the time you’ve notice the hawkish head, it’s already too late.



ATK: 610 | HP: 2953 | Time: 45m | Fury Regen

Their brutish demeanor and massive numbers make orcs the go-to unit of choice for evil warlords. Sadistic and skilled in battle, all it takes is the promise of blood to convince an orc to take up arms. Just don’t trust them to perform any feats of intelligence. They’re not very good at that.



ATK: 655 | HP: 3019 | Time: 45m | Soul 20%Dodge

Sati are a peaceful and musical race. They can be found mingling among other races, living in forests, cities, or pretty much anywhere they aren’t discriminated against for not wearing pants.



ATK: 696 | HP: 2924 | Time: 1h | Regen Soul 30%

What evil lurks in the hearts of men? That’s a good question. Sadly, nobody knows. Not even the sinister shadow – a malevolent creature well-versed in the ways of wickedness. Shadows are formed where the darkness congregates, and they exist only to extinguish the light.

Miniman Watcher

miniman watcher

ATK: 654 | HP: 3271 | Time: 1h | Critical - Regen

Halt! Don’t go thinking you can just walk past these guys because they’re little. Minimen watchers are powerful sentries, usually assigned to guard royalty or fabulous treasure. Many a fool has been brought down by these stalwart fellers. Heed their warning and go back the way you came.

Cray Golem

cray golem

ATK: 610 | HP: 3921 | Time: 1h | Iron SkinSoul 20%

Why make a golem out of clay when you can make one OUT OF CRAYFISH!?! Formed from the grinded shells of aquatic crustaceans, these merciless golems will punch you with their massive limbs and pungent seafood aroma.

Sand Worm

sand worm

ATK: 756 | HP: 3134 | Time: 1h | Critical Iron Skin

Sand Worms are huge, carnivorous beasts that burrow beneath the earth in search of prey up top. They can easily detect the slightest vibrations above ground, and using this sense they can dial in on whatever hapless hillbilly happens to be roaming the desert. Better bring your elephant gun.

Frying Manta

frying manta

ATK: 709 | HP: 3349 | Time: 1h | Regen Iron Skin

An ambitious wizard once aspired to give Mantas the gift of flight. As he poured all his lifeforce into the spell, he flubbed the words, and in his dying breath gave the Mantas the power to breathe fire instead. Kind of a weird mistake, but we think he’d be proud.



ATK: 792 | HP: 3570 | Time: 1h 30m | Regen - Fury

What stinks like a hyena but fights like a drunken barbarian? I’ll give you a hint: It rhymes with ‘knoll’. If you said ‘Gnoll’, then congratulations! You can read.



ATK: 737 | HP: 3931 | Time: 1h 30m | Soul 20%Dodge

The only thing a Siren hates more than getting hooked in the mouth is being mistaken for a mermaid. She would be very quick to point out that she has two fins, not one. That means twice the ass kicking, by the way.

Hill Giant

hill giant

ATK: 685 | HP: 4326 | Time: 1h 30m | Super RegenDodge

As far as giants go, hill giants are bottom tier. But they’re still giants, which means they can crush smaller creatures (people, for example) into a thin red paste with very little effort. Be careful not to anger a hill giant – they can hurl boulders thousands of yards, making your escape highly unlikely.



ATK: 903 | HP: 3407 | Time: 1h 30m | Accel Iron Skin

Wraiths are the tormented spirits of those who were unjustly tortured to death. The grief born from the hopelessness of their last living moments is palpable, and merely being in their presence is enough to reduce the bravest of men into a blubbering baby.



ATK: 887 | HP: 3635 | Time: 1h 30m | Dodge Soul 30%Super Regen

What they lack in glamour, the wereboar make up for in ravenous squalor. When the moon is full, wereboars rip through the city streets, smashing and thrashing everything unfortunate enough to be in their path. For those staring down a charging wereboar, there is no hakuna; only matata.



ATK: 864 | HP: 4515 | Time: 2h | Critical - Dodge

Sylphs are highly magical beings that should never be taken lightly, despite their pixie-like demeanor. They are incredibly fickle, bouncing between dispositions at light speed. A sylph can be your best friend one minute, then your temper tantrum addled murderer in the next.

Fire Giant

fire giant

ATK: 1029 | HP: 3915 | Time: 2h | Super RegenFury

Wrapped in fire and steel, the fire giant exudes majesty and strength. They are the very symbol of might; their strong sense of justice makes them a fiery cleaver of vengeance. They are strong of heart, strong of virtue, and really really hot to the touch.

Angelic Soldier


Green Dragon

green dragon

ATK: 1064 | HP: 4731 | Time: 2h 30m | Iron SkinFury Super Regen

Easily the ugliest of dragonkind, green dragons are dumb, hulking beasts capable of breathing noxious clouds of caustic gas. These suffocating blasts make it difficult to engage a green dragon with a frontal assault; most experience hunters will wait for them to fall asleep first.

Dark Priest

dark priest

ATK: 1155 | HP: 5371 | Time: 3h | Iron SkinSoul 20%Regen

The dark preists and priestesses of the wicked Badhdh Cath spend their lives in twisted devotion, waiting for the day that their evil goddess will return to Alsperia and purge the world of all non-believers, leaving behind a charred and scorched earth for themselves and themselves alone.

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