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MonTowers Monsters List (Doom Tower 2/2)

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 by

doom tower 2 of 2 monsters header

Who’s ready for more MonTowers monsters? You are, of course, even if you don’t realize it yet. Come on in and peruse the remaining critters from the Doom Tower. Here we have the monsters that inhabit floors 50-100, complete with a picture gallery, stats and abilities, and lots of ridiculous descriptions that you aren’t expected to read. Enjoy!

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.

Dwart Knight

dwart knight

ATK: 863 | HP: 3965 | Time: 1h | Regen Dodge

Don’t call them “dwarves”! The dwarts are actually the sworn enemy of the dwarves, despite being completely identical to them in all racial aspects. It’s crazy that such a bloody civil war could be started by a simple typo.



ATK: 954 | HP: 3645 | Time: 1h | Iron SkinSoul 30%

Sometimes its tough to sort the real witches from the cosplayers. If it’s Halloween, then don’t even bother trying. I guess if she’s soaring through the air on a magical broomstick with magic flaring from her fingertips, then it’s a witch. If she’s just standing around with a red Solo cup in hand, be skeptical.

Iron Maid

iron maid

ATK: 850 | HP: 4446 | Time: 1h | Iron SkinAccel

These automatons were mass produced and sold at a high price, geared to clean and maintain finer households everywhere. With a few minor (and illegal) modifications, however, they can be easily programmed to “clean” the room of one’s enemies. And boy are they good at what they do.



ATK: 902 | HP: 4306 | Time: 1h | Dodge

Ropers are twisted carnivorous mounds found deep in dungeons all throughout Alsperia. They lie in wait for careless prey, trapping them with their arms then devouring them. In case the phallic allusion wasn’t obvious enough here, the artist added veins to help drive the point home.



ATK: 1002 | HP: 3995 | Time: 1h | Dodge Critical

While all the lycanthropes of Alsperia are dangerous, the werebear is particularly brutal. They are often driven into frenzied fits of berserker rage, leaving a trail of smashed bodies in their awful wake.



ATK: 929 | HP: 3845 | Time: 1h 15m | Regen Iron Skin

No mountain in Alsperia is safe from the scourge of harpies. They rarely attack head-on, preferring instead to take an enemy from behind and disorient them with crazy spiraling flight patterns. They might not be so irascible if only they had arms.



ATK: 946 | HP: 4490 | Time: 1h 15m | Soul 20%Dodge

These sacred guardians of the wood do not speak; they communicate with nature by telepathic means. They are highly magical and have great disdain for creatures not of the forest. This includes people.



ATK: 957 | HP: 4339 | Time: 1h 15m | Fury

Gnomes are passionate about maintaining a worldly equilibrium in Alsperia and are sensitive to changes within the very earth itself. They are often seen in the company of earth elementals, and fiercely protect their sacred grounds from any outside attempts of expansionism.

High Elf

high elf

ATK: 973 | HP: 4605 | Time: 1h 15m | Dodge Accel

High elves, as their name suggest, make up the aristocracy of the elven nation, born and raised of high rank and station. It should come as no surprise, then, that most are petty and self-serving, hated and envied by elves of lesser descent. Most are trained in swordplay, but it’s just a formality that few ever take seriously.

Skeleton Giant

skeleton giant

ATK: 1029 | HP: 4651 | Time: 1h 15m | Regen Iron Skin

What’s worse than an angry giant? How about the animated skeleton of an even angrier giant? It takes great mastery of the dark arts to reanimate a corpse this big; if you ever run into one, then rest assured there is a very powerful necromancer nearby.

Purple Worm

purple worm

ATK: 1092 | HP: 4720 | Time: 1h 30m | Iron Skin

Giant cave-dwelling cousins of the sand worm, purple worms are capable of carving tunnels through solid rock with their insatiable appetite for minerals. They aren’t carnivorous by nature, but if a little meat happens to be foolishly standing in their path then they won’t discriminate.



ATK: 1058 | HP: 4974 | Time: 1h 30m | Regen - Critical

No one is sure how or why gorgons came to be – they aren’t creatures in the traditional sense; they’re comprised completely of stone and, as far as anyone can tell, are sterile. They aren’t well studied, though, because anyone who comes in contact with their noxious vapor becomes immediately and irreversibly petrified.



ATK: 1168 | HP: 4625 | Time: 1h 30m | Soul 30%

Wicked fire spirits who delight in the torment of others, often responsible for burning down farmsteads and, well, everything that’s flammable, really. “A bucket of water for the devil’s daughter” is a a well-known saying among prairie folk, who often keep a few buckets handy in case of salamanda attacks.



ATK: 1275 | HP: 4245 | Time: 1h 30m | Accel

Gladiators are combatants who excel in battle strictly for sport and glory. Unlike most friendly competitions, though, gladiators fight to the death, making theirs a form of entertainment considered too brutal in some reaches of civilization.



ATK: 1008 | HP: 5596 | Time: 1h 30m | Regen Dodge

Eh, it’s just a bird mashed up with a lion. Some consider them majestic, others consider them proud. I consider them really difficult to write about because, honestly, it’s just a bird mashed up with a lion. It eats meat and birdseed. Woohoo.

Frost Giant

frost giant

ATK: 1212 | HP: 5648 | Time: 2h | Super RegenFury

They come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. How soft your fields so green can whisper tales of gore. Of how they calmed the tides of war. They are your overlords. Don’t let the heels or Led Zeppelin lyrics fool you – frost giants are nothing to be trifled with.

Blue Dragon

blue dragon

ATK: 1280 | HP: 5506 | Time: 2h | Fury Iron SkinRegen

Terrible beasts with scales that shimmer like sapphires in the sun; blue dragons are feared for their speed and fabled lightning breath. Like a living storm, they glide through the air and reign terror down on all who are unfortunate enough to be below.



Stone Golem

stone golem

ATK: 1055 | HP: 7624 | Time: 2h 30m | Fury Iron Skin

Magical constructs of stone and might, stone golems are incredibly powerful and more so resilient. Have you ever tried hacking at a stone golem with a sword? Pro tip: it doesn’t work. The only thing you’ll break is your arm, from the impact. And then the stone golem will proceed to break the rest of you, free of charge.



Looking for other monsters? Jump to a different page:
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  1. I wonder just how gratuitous those ultra rare creatures are…

  2. Parinya Suri says:

    thank, I am looking forword to your update – Brutal tower monster list

  3. David Rios says:

    how do you represent more power? easy:
    for males = more armor
    for females = less clothing

  4. Alexander Islas says:

    Mark if you need any photos I have mostly all but yellow and up, up to about this or maybe the next tower and if you give me a list of true yellow on up monsters I can see if I have them.

    • Hey Alexander! Awesome offer, I appreciate it. Yeah, man. If you have the images for any of the blank creatures, I’d be happy to slap them in and credit you.

      What would be easiest for me is if you took some screen snaps of the creatures from the gallery, using the white background. Then upload them to a imgur.com and just reply here in the comments with the links to the images.

      I’ve been busy but I hope to get the remaining towers out in a more timely fashion soon.

  5. Helios Penetrante says:

    so when the females upgrade they get lesser clothing? oh but It makes sense! cuz a piece of cloth can totally defend against a broad sword, yep common sense folks

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