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You And Every One Else Who Ever Played RPGs

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 by


We’ve all been there. Saving up elixirs and god knows what else for that critical moment when you need them most. That time never comes, though, until the very final boss, and then you can’t even burn through them all before you’ve won the game. Easily, might I add, perhaps too easily, thanks largely to your stockpiled cornucopia of super-powerful crap.

I do this in every RPG I’ve ever played. [r/gaming]

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Mark A. Brooks uses the A. initial in his name so as to seperate himself from the teeming legions of other Mark Brookses (there are at least 65,000 in the state of Michigan alone). Keep up with him on twitter, because why not. @unoriginalG

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4 Responses to “You And Every One Else Who Ever Played RPGs”

  1. Totally. It didn’t help that we got the easy version of Final Fantasy 4…

    • To be honest, after having done this shit for nearly twenty years, I’ve gotten in a better habit lately of just using those precious items a little more impulsively. It just sucks when you realize you needed them for item synthesis or something further down the road.

  2. Brian Kerr says:

    Yet another reason that Bastion is the best design of the last few years: you have a hard cap on the number of potions you can hold, and when you try to pick up potions that you can’t hold… you just get a little experience instead.

    That little interaction has ruined entire other games for me.

    • I’m sure there was at least one more game that did something like that; I can’t remember which. But yeah, man, that’s some appreciated shit.

      I picked Bastion up for $.99, but can’t stomach playing it on my iPod for whatever reason. I haven’t abandoned it, though, and plan to give it a go on another platform sometime in the not so distant future.

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