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MonTowers Monsters List (Brutal Tower 1/2)

Friday, October 4th, 2013 by

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You thought it’d never happen. You were convinced that the continuing series of illustrated MonTowers monsters had come to some inexplicable end, perhaps due to the compiler’s untimely demise, or immense magnitude for laziness, or whatever. Well you were wrong, buddy. Dead wrong! My commitment to satisfaction is ne’er ending, my perseverance matched only by my humility. Did I mention that my back is strong? Holla back, Smoove B.

Here are the monsters you will encounter in the lower half of the Brutal Tower, complete with pictures, stats, and abilities. Sorry it took so long, really.

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.



ATK: 1224 | HP: 4777 | Time: 1h 30m | Dodge - Critical

You’ve probably already noticed, but Alsperia is plagued with lycanthropes. Seriously, for every animal in the wild, there is a “were” equivalent. Wereferrets, wereworms… hell, even wereduckbill platypi. So “Werelion” should come as no surprise to you by now. As you might imagine, they’re quite skilled in the art of messing shit up.

Mermaid Warrior

Mermaid Warrior

ATK: 1184 | HP: 5060 | Time: 1h 30m | Critical

These warriors from beneath the waves have trained hard in anticipation of the prophesied land dweller invasion. Curiously, that invasion has never come, so instead they spear fish for fun.



ATK: 1149 | HP: 5376 | Time: 1h 30m | Soul 20% - Iron Skin

Nereids are the keepers of the oceans, commonly referred to as water maidens. They hoist their tremendous conches, for reasons unknown, and purify the waters of the world with their unorthodox and seemingly pointless magic.



ATK: 1107 | HP: 5670 | Time: 1h 30m | Critical - Iron SkinRegen

Unicorns are so rare that they’ve been thought to not exist. A sizeable colony of them was recently discovered on a remote island, however, proving not only their own existence, but other creatures, too, such as easter bunnies, tooth fairies, and red-nosed reindeer. They are able to cross breed with pegasi, giving their offspring the power of impalement and flight!

Half Elf Ranger

half elf ranger

ATK: 1177 | HP: 5280 | Time: 1h 30m | Fury - Regen

While a bit more asynchronous with the wilds than pure elven rangers, the Half Elf ranger is still no slouch, able to easily run circles around any full blooded human in terms of woodland skill. They are a deadly hybrid of finesse and brute strength.

Zombie Lady

zombie lady

ATK: 1242 | HP: 5577 | Time: 2h | Soul 20%

Try not to act on any dirty thoughts you may have about the Zombie Lady – necrophilia is a crime in most parts of Alsperia. Yes, technically, I did say most parts. Now wipe that creepy smile off your face.

War Machine

war machine

ATK: 1314 | HP: 5171 | Time: 2h | Iron SkinAccel

This automaton was developed for a single purpose: to smash your enemies into a pulp and scrape their remains from the ground. I guess that’s actually two purposes. The added cleanup function is pretty handy, but does nothing to remove those pesky blood stains.



ATK: 1221 | HP: 5750 | Time: 2h | Regen - Critical

The dogs of hell breathe fire from their mouths; the uncontrollable manner in which they do so makes them difficult pets. They piss fire, too – many a forest has been razed to the ground from hellhounds marking their territory.



ATK: 1186 | HP: 6120 | Time: 2h | Iron SkinAccel

They’re cold-blooded, but don’t call them murderers! Contrary to popular belief, Lizardmen are a generally peaceful species that only takes to combat when deemed necessary. As you might imagine, they prefer the warmer climes of Alsperia, shunning the cold due to its effect on their bodies.



ATK: 1254 | HP: 5665 | Time: 2h | Soul 30%

Often mistaken for water elementals, these sprites are able to assume the form of water at will, allowing them to slip into and out of some otherwise impassible areas. Like most of the fae, their fickle dispositions make them nuisances to the population at large.



ATK: 1386 | HP: 6008 | Time: 2h 30m | Soul 30%Dodge

Evil horse demons that walk upright, like people, and revel in performing terrible acts of sadism on their unfortunate victims. Nightmares are every bit as frightening as their namesake. Their preferred methods of torture are often brutal and hedonistic – yeah, you know what I’m saying.

Dark Knight

dark knight

ATK: 1228 | HP: 6890 | Time: 2h 30m | Iron Skin

Dark Knights live dual lives – unassuming gentlemen by day, black armor clad crime-fighters by night. You’d think their existence would be a major deterrent to the would-be lawbreakers of the land, but oddly, they tend to attract the wackiest criminals around. It’s the damndest thing.

Dark Seeker

dark seeker

ATK: 1362 | HP: 6450 | Time: 2h 30m | Critical

Dark Seekers are infernal drones, stitched together by black magic with whatever anatomic parts happen to be laying around. While Dark Seekers often differ from each other in composition, the one thing they all have in common is that giant, creepy, unblinking eye.



ATK: 1493 | HP: 5967 | Time: 2h 30m | Dodge - Super RegenCritical

Not just anyone is inaugurated into the order of the Weretiger – only a clandestine clan of monks are ever given the opportunity, and among them it is considered a requirement. They’re all very skilled at kung fu; a single weretiger can take on a an entire roomful of moronic extras without even breaking a sweat.



ATK: 1391 | HP: 6600 | Time: 2h 30m | Soul 20%Dodge

There is an old ritual that, when performed, allows witches to confine the spirit of evil demons into a tree. This was usually done a last resort, when the demon proved too difficult to defeat traditionally. The resulting creature, the Treant, is much weaker than the demon’s original form, but every bit as malicious, and even more pissed off.



ATK: 1708 | HP: 6382 | Time: 3h | Super RegenFury

They may not see in stereo
but you should still be very wary, yo
they may not rock a monacle
but they’ll tear you up like… barnacles?
I never claimed to be a rapper, damn.



ATK: 1667 | HP: 6750 | Time: 3h | Accel - Dodge

Valkyries are the hosts of the dead, guiding the spirits of worthy warriors to the halls of Odin’s Valhalla, where they prepare for the great and final battle Ragnarok. There, I saved you a trip to wikipedia.

Black Dragon

black dragon

ATK: 1431 | HP: 7945 | Time: 3h | Fury - Iron Skin

Among the mightiest of Dragons, the great blacks are monstrous brutes, spewing acid from their gaping maws. Their breath weapon is highly corrosive; you can literally watch any affected steel or flesh erase itself before your very eyes.

Dark D. Guardian

dark d guardian

ATK: 1575 | HP: 8625 | Time: 3h 30m | Dodge - Fury - Regen

Guardians are an elite branch of the Dark Dwarf military. Only the proudest and most capable make the cut. They are used for a multitude of operations, including tactical raids against their sworn enemies, the dark elves. Semper fi!



ATK: 1651 | HP: 9860 | Time: 4h | Iron SkinAccel - Regen

The scourge of Alsperia, Necromancers are the evil wizards that plague the realm with the reanimated dead. Skeletons, zombies, and ghouls, oh my! The perverse magic of Necromancers makes them a great threat and there is always a high price on their heads.

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