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How to Farm Money and Fame in Real Racing 3

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 by

If you’re playing Real Racing 3, there’s a good chance you’re toiling away race after race, trying to hoard enough R$ and Gold for the next big upgrade or a shiny new car. If that sounds a lot like you, then you might need a little help farming cash and fame.

Here’s a quick video tutorial for you Real Racing 3 fans. Don’t forget to check out our guide for more tips from myself and the RR3 community.

Of all the races I have access to thus far, this is the place I like the most when trying to farm. It is easy to race, requires no repairs, and has a great cash-time ratio.

To successfully farm as shown in the video, you’ll need the BMW M3 GTS with a majority of the upgrades and access to the Performance Rumble Endurance Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

If you have troubles beating your friends with this method or you’d like to try this with a less powerful vehicle, fully close the program and put your system into Airplane Mode. Restart the app and you should have no trouble beating the AI racers and their 4 mile runs. Scrubs.

My apologies for the lack of gameplay audio, as I had unintentionally muted it. You get nothing but the soothing sounds of my grating, congested voice as I fumble for words. Lucky you!

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10 Responses to “How to Farm Money and Fame in Real Racing 3”

  1. Francisco says:

    Not bad but I prefer Mount Panorama on the last tab of Street Spec Skirmish. 14,550 plus 3,500 in Clean Race Bonus. Similar time and using an full upgraded BMW z1.

    • The point of this is that you can do it continuously without repairs with very good results. To win on Mount Panorama, you’d need a car that is in good condition, meaning you can only do it a couple of times before having to move on.

    • Dmitry D says:

      I use the fully upgraded unserviced Z4 sdrive. Wins every time, about 9.5 minutes to race. Take wide turns. Street-spec Skermish last race mount panorama.

  2. DealingWithLoons says:

    The Melbourne Cup in Supercar Masters Series will net you the same cash, but give you 1800 fame and only take 5mins per race.

    • Supercar Masters Series is an entire racing tier later. This race is still in the Pro/Am tier and has a lower barrier for players who might need a little help.

      There are a ton of great places to get cash, but this is about the ability to repeat with absolutely no downtime for someone still early in the game. Otherwise, I’d suggest something in the Legend tier.

  3. Ryan says:

    The last race in pro-am supercar club (Suzuka Circuit) with the 100% daily bonus and 1 gold for the double R$ manager will net you between 83,000 and 85,000 in the four lap race. Use the Fully upgraded Nissan GTR, cut a few corners, and you’ll finish 500-1000 yards ahead of second place.

  4. Erich H. says:

    Hey Fade:

    Great posts on RR3. However, a lot of the posts and comments are several months and updates old. Is it possible to start a new thread so the (very useful) information will be up to date? I’m running v. 2.0.1.

    Example: The race you site above, as of 1/26/14, sets the bar a lot higher for first place: 24.3 miles, and that’s in airplane mode! I’ve run a very clean race, using your method of starting in reverse, and only achieved just over 19 miles. A lot of endurance races are like this now–unattainably high mileage. Is this a bug, or has someone figured out a good cheat? My completion % is being affected…

    Also, do you or your sources know if playing offline actually adds any benefit anymore? I don’t notice the same difference I used to.

    (Disclaimer: I like to win trophies online, but when I have to save a $million for a car and another $2 million to upgrade it, always starting form last place, don’t feel bad about cheating from time to time.)

  5. Doni Putra says:

    use Ford Shelby instead…. always comes 1st place :)

  6. Ryan says:

    After getting a little further in the game, the Ferrari events with the F40 and F50 are the way to go. 100% daily bonus, plus 100% agent bonus for the F50-only Circuit de la Sarthe race will net over $400,000 per race. Unless you suck, you’ll end up at least 1Km ahead of second place.

  7. Percy4mHELL says:

    Guys, If you have SPIDER SHOWDOWN in LEGEND completed, then if you race CIRCUIT DES 24 HEURES in 18 group,
    you can get 60k+ in R$ and 9k+ in fame.
    PS. This value without managers

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