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NES Sprite Trivia

Thursday, October 17th, 2013 by

The Nintendo Entertainment System single-handedly pulled gaming back up to its feet after the great video game crash of the early 80s, when trash like Atari’s E.T. caused many to lose faith in interactive electronic entertainment. Nearly thirty years after its release in North America, it’s still relevant, and its best games are still played by millions around the world.

To pay homage to what is arguably the most important video game system of all time, we’ve compiled a collage of sprites from the NES to test your knowledge. Some are easy, some are hard, some are tricky… all are nostalgic.

Can you name the game that goes with each sprite? All answers are shown together below, so try to figure them all out before looking at the key.

nes sprite trivia

The answer key is below.

Are you sure you’re ready to see it?

As you know, what is seen cannot be unseen.

You’re really sure?

Really really damn sure?

All right then, here you go:

nes sprite trivia answers

How did you do?

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2 Responses to “NES Sprite Trivia”

  1. I was sure the Blaster Master sprite was a Metroid, despite the blatant lack of green.

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