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Happy Halloween! Here’s “Thriller” because I have no shame.

Sunday, October 27th, 2013 by

There are few music videos that perfectly capture the spirit of Halloween as well as Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

This video, however, is what I look like when trying to recreate some of those sweet moves. Combining years of muscular atrophy with my natural Asian and Caucasian coordination, no good can come from recording myself dancing to Michael Jackson songs from Michael Jackson – The Experience on Nintendo Wii.

Well, unless you’re into things that are so bad that they are kind of good. In that case, yeah, enjoy!

If you’re looking to buy me a Christmas present this year, do consider picking me up some shame, as I’m apparently all out. I could also use a little dignity while you’re at it.

Just in case you somehow don’t know how awful this looks, maybe you should check out the actual video while you’re at it.

Happy Halloween, folks.

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3 Responses to “Happy Halloween! Here’s “Thriller” because I have no shame.”

  1. 5.5 stars… out of 20?

    Just kidding. That wasn’t bad, though I mostly say that because my dance skills are roughly as good.

    Kudos for putting up this video. If I had such a dance game, I would follow suit. We could even have dance-offs, including snapping our fingers at each other in a menacing manner. Oh well.

    • I’m hoping to start a movement of gamers under the tag #NoShame. We’ll make the T-shirts later.

      One of the Just Dance games has “U Can’t Touch This”, but I can’t recall which off the top of my head.

      We could make this happen, sir, that’s all I’m saying.

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