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Final Fantasy VI Character’s Myers-Briggs Personality

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 by


Preview Image: Final Fantasy VI Myers Briggs Infographic

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Final Fantasy VI has one of the most memorable casts of characters in the series. In no small part this is because of the very expressive animations compared to what had come before it in the Final Fantasy franchise. Another element contributing to the expressiveness of FFVI’s cast is the dialogue of the various characters throughout the game which didn’t drive the main plot forward but created alternate story arcs that gave the characters interpersonal tensions through which to express their individualistic motivations. It is through this additional dialogue that the various differences in personalities gets expressed.

A popular tool to measure and classify most major personality traits is called the “Myers-Briggs-Jung Type Indicator”, or “MBTI” for short (Jung got the shaft in many publications). This personality type indicator has been around since the 1960s but its roots go back to theories in the 1920s. It is popular today, widely adopted, and discussed not only in academia but also businesses. The results measure each character’s personality as it tends to each of the following MBTI attributes:

Introversion vs. Extraversion – This has to do with the preference of individuals for recharging their energy. If a person needs time and space to get away from everything they tend to be an introvert but if an individual gets energized by being around people then they tend to be an extravert.

Intuition vs. Sensing – This function relates to how an individual gathers data or information. With intuition they trust their gut but with sensing they prefer to see, hear, touch, etc. to get their information.

Thinking vs. Feeling – Deciding what to do with the information gathered above and how an individual does it. Thinking types will often try to reason through the information they have gathered while feeling types will tend to make a decision based on how their information makes them feel.

Judging vs. Perceiving – An individual who falls on the Judging side tends to interpret the world as an ordered (or intended to be ordered) system with discrete states of existence (“right vs. wrong”, “black and white”). Perceiving types tend to interpret the world as continuous, with states of existence in perpetual flux and will tend to be more of the “go with the flow” type.

What does this have to do with Final Fantasy? Well, since we have a dialogue-rich cast of characters, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could figure out their personality types using a web-based text classifier that scans their dialogue for hints about their personality. I wrote a script in a statistical processing language called “R” to evaluate the whole game script for each particular character. Besides some data tables, it also spits out some data about their MBTI results plus some charts for each of the measured dimensions outlined above. I then assembled these charts into the below infographic.

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs assessment? If so, what is your personality type and what Final Fantasy character are you most like?

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final fantasy vi myers briggs infographic

Final Fantasy VI Font: http://gamehacking.org/vb/threads/994-Final-Fantasy-Font

Final Fantasy VI Sprites: http://www.nes-snes-sprites.com/FinalFantasyVINew.html

More Final Fantasy VI Sprites: http://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/ff6/sheet/54688/ (Cid)

Myers Brigg: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers-Briggs_Type_Indicator

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9 Responses to “Final Fantasy VI Character’s Myers-Briggs Personality”

  1. I haven’t taken this one, but I’ve taken personality tests in the past and almost always fall into INFP. I don’t really feel like a Cyan, though. Weird…

    • Ah… didn’t read closely. I’m a dummy.

      So, matching… yeah.

      • IkeCube says:

        Was Cyan your favorite character? If not, who?

        • It’s a toss-up between Shadow and Setzer.

          Both are slightly tragic characters that are nothing like they appear on the surface.

          Everyone thinks Shadow is just a heartless mercenary. Then he’s willing to sacrifice himself for your party.

          I still remember being blindsided by Shadow’s dream cutscene and wonder how many people missed them completely or never found out that he’s Relm’s father.

          As for Setzer, Daryl’s Tomb is my favorite part of the game. The tragic nature of it all just breaks my heart every time. Figuring out the “The World is Square” somehow added another layer to their relationship.

          There are a load of great moments in the game, but those are my absolute favorites.

    • IkeCube says:

      I’m an INTJ which didn’t show up in the results for any of the characters. I sometimes (usually at work) am more of an ENTJ which makes me a bit more of a Gogo.. although he just may be mimic’ing me. ;)

  2. This is a cool idea, homie. Seeing all this FF6ery makes me hungry for the mobile port, but it hasn’t hit the app store yet despite going live for android. You picking it up?

    • IkeCube says:

      Probably not yet: there is some typos in the dialogue that need to be fixed and there are some bugs that are preventing players from progressing through the game. Sounds like Square-Enix just pushed it out with minimal QA.
      I doubt the port/re-make was handled by Square-Enix themselves. They probably outsourced it to a smaller development shop with little in the way of QA. I’m currently playing through the SNES version and it is sufficient for that itch I get to play through this every few years. I have yet to experience the additional content that they added to the GBA version though,

  3. Very interesting that the FF6 cast is extremely Feeling and largely Sensing. I think you and I discussed this data while you were compiling everything and you mentioned the Feeling part and suggested that perhaps fiction characters are more enjoyable if they have that personality type, because it causes them to act instead of mulling stuff over. Seems legit. Gogo is the only strongly Thinking type, but then again, s/he barely has any dialogue, so that may be a false positive — although, it could be reasoned that failing to display any unique personality and only mimicking the actions of others is an extremely Thinking way to act.

    I’m an ISFJ, so I’m most closely paired with Terra, Edgar, Celes, and Shadow. Edgar and Celes are two of my favorite characters, and — as you know, my Figaro brutha — I always renamed Edgar to Mark and Sabin to Ike, so it’s funny that Edgar and I match up. I like Edgar because he’s a rabble-rouser and Celes because she’s strong without being unreliable like Terra.

    Setzer is one of my other favorites, for the tragic reasons that Terry mentioned.

    General Leo… I tend to forget about him because his NPC role in the game was cut sadly short and you couldn’t truly get him in your party, but I thought he was a really great character, being wise and fair. Of course, you know what they say: nice guys usually finish last.

    • IkeCube says:

      Yep – you are correct about our discussion. Characters who are INTJs or INTPs are probably the least interesting characters in a story where you are an outside observer to the actions of the characters. If there were an effective way to do story telling from inside character’s heads then you might see INT*s more often in scripts.

      The results for characters with fewer lines are less accurate than those with more (“low confidence level” in statistical terms).

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