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Chrome Fetish 64

Friday, January 17th, 2014 by

chrome n64 controller

I’ve always thought the N64 controller to be the ugly duckling of controllers, only instead of being a swan – it’s just a duck. Dip that duck in chrome, though, and bam! What a beaut. You look expensive, young birdie. Now fly! Fly into a world of fingerprints and Cheetos residue!

I rather like this controller, if only for the fact that it would reflect my big, beautiful, brown eyes right back at me. It was created by Zoki64, who’s made a big habit out of modifying N64 stuff. Check it out!

Finger print magnet64 [zoki64]

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    If you used one of these while playing Mario 64 and got a Metal Mario cap, you’d become an honorary member of thug life.