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Disco Zoo Guide: Animal Patterns + Tips & Tricks

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 by

disco zoo animal patterns guide

Disco Zoo: The game that lets you rescue animals from their natural habitats to put them where they belong – confined in your tidy mirror-balled zoo. Use our handy guide to sniff out each animal’s specific pattern and minimize mistakes and maximize captures! I mean “rescues”!

Who needs the ZooPedia, anyway?

Updated 4/30/2014 – Ice Age animal patterns added.


farm animal patterns

COMMON: Sheep / Pig / Rabbit
RARE: Horse / Cow


outback animal patterns

COMMON: Crocodile / Platypus / Kangaroo
RARE: Koala / Cockatoo
MYTHICAL: Tiddilak


savanna animal patterns

COMMON: Zebra / Hippo / Giraffe
RARE: Lion / Elephant


northern animal patterns

COMMON: Bear / Skunk / Beaver
RARE: Moose / Fox
MYTHICAL: Sasquatch


polar animal patterns

COMMON: Penguin / Seal / Muskox
RARE: Polar Bear / Walrus


jungle animal patterns

COMMON: Toucan / Monkey / Gorilla
RARE: Tiger / Panda


jurassic animal patterns

COMMON: Diplodocus / Stegosaurus / Raptor
RARE: T-Rex / Triceratops


ice age animal patterns

COMMON: Wooly Rhino / Giant Sloth / Dire Wolf
RARE: Saber Tooth / Mammoth


  • Collect coins that pop up while browsing the zoo. They can be worth anywhere from 1 to 1000 coins, depending on how lucky you are. Finding a 1K coin can save you a ton of time!
  • In addition to coins, zoo patrons will chuck discobux on occasion. Snatch those, too!
  • Periodically, some of your animals will “escape” from their rescue holding cells. Tap the magnifying lens icon that pops up to engage in the searching challenge. Finding stray animals is easy (just search throughout the habitats until you find them; they’re marked with exclamation points), and you’ll be rewarded with a handsome sum of coins or discobux for finding them and returning them to safety.
  • When you get an offer to sell one or more of your animals, go for it unless you’re trying desperately to unlock the next rescue tier. They’re worth a ton of cash, and we’re sure they’ll be just as happy in some other random rescue resort.
  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls! Or, rather, don’t bother rescuing an animal you know you can’t catch. For instance, if there’s three more rabbit tiles on the map and you only have two attempts remaining, try to find some coins instead.
  • Early on in the game, the hour long disco party is the way to go. Aside from eeking out a rare or mythical rescue, this is what you should be saving your discobux for. For 10 discobux, you can rack up plenty of loot – your animals are guaranteed to stay awake for an entire hour, and their coin output is doubled. No rest for the rescued!
  • Always try to root out the rare and mythical creatures over common ones. As you might have guessed, they show up less often, and since the price of rescues goes up with every attempt, it’s just more efficient. Also, rare critters produce more coins. Use the pattern tables in this guide, and you should be able to find those rare/mythical animals when they decide to show up.
  • Opt for the 1 minute disco party to wake all your critters at once and reset the sleep timer.
  • After maxing out the level of any given animal, you can release them for cash once rescued and work towards getting trophies. When you get an animal’s trophy, your reward is a free disco party. BRONZE TROPHY = 1 minute disco party. SILVER TROPHY = 5 minute disco party. GOLD TROPHY = 10 minute disco party. DIAMOND TROPHY = 15 minute disco party.
  • Take the free attempts offer only when you’re sure you can catch another animal in five turns. Once you’ve seen all the videos they want to show you that day, they won’t offer them again for a while.

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  • META

    “Collect coins that pop up while browsing the zoo. They can be worth up to 100 coins, depending on the size.”

    I’ve actually gotten one worth 1,000.

    • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

      I told him the same thing in an e-mail chain. It should end up in the next guide update. Thanks for commenting!

    • http://deltaattack.com/ Mark A. Brooks

      Thanks for pointing that out! The guide’s been adjusted accordingly.

  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    Hey, how far have you gotten with animal freedom rewards? Have you hit any silver or gold statues? I kind of want to know what the goods are for all that trouble, but I obviously don’t want to go to all that trouble.

    By the way, Jules wanted me to thank you. She’s digging this game and has been using the guide for help because daddy’s too cheap to pay $2.99 for the Zoopedia.

    • http://deltaattack.com/ Mark A. Brooks

      She’s very welcome. I’ll update the guide with the info, but real quickly: Bronze gives you a 1 minute disco party; silver 5 mins., and gold 10 mins. Have yet to reach diamond.

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        Right on. I’ll sit on those until I have everything unlocked or maybe pop one of those things before bed to reset all the sleep timers.