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Ultra Street Fighter 4′s 5th Character Revealed: Decapre

Sunday, March 16th, 2014 by

decapre 2

The long awaited fifth character reveal for Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been made and it’s official: The new character will be Decapre, AKA “Evil Cammy” – one of Bison’s dolls. The reveal was made during the ending ceremonies of Final Round XVII as the winner Ryan Hart was given a chance to spar against Capcom’s Combofiend, who was playing a near-finished version of Decapre.

The reception was initially quiet, with the crowd getting a little more hype as they witnessed her play out in game. Her move set involves a number of teleports and mid-air specials. She has also been confirmed to be a charge character.

With the clues Capcom had dished out leading up the reveal, many people were able to predict Decapre as the likely candidate, despite Ono’s red herring hint that “only four people” on the internet had guessed correctly.

Four? More like forty-thousand, buddy.

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  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    Forget that Decapre noise. Juli was the doll to beat, amnesia and all.

    • http://deltaattack.com/ Mark A. Brooks

      I don’t know who I was hoping for, but Decapre wasn’t it. Still, she could be an interesting character. I generally dislike charge characters, but that’s changing for me somewhat since picking up Balrog.

      Ultra is going to be great; fuck the naysayers. I still squeeze in more SF4 than I care to admit and I can’t wait to try the new blood.

      One thing I’m not looking forward to, though, is having to deal with delayed wake-up. I play T. Hawk a lot and his whole game, currently, revolves around getting that light spinning piledriver and capitalizing off the subsequent knockdown. I’m thinking that will change somewhat, depending on how delayed wake-up actually plays out.