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The Brilliant Concept Art of Titanfall

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 by

Art of Titanfall

Did you know there was an art book for Titanfall? Yeah, it’s a thing, and it’s exceptionally rad. Published by Titan Books, The Art of Titanfall gives fans a glimpse into the game that goes beyond the surface – right into the very guts of the game and all the concepts that make Titanfall’s aesthetic foundation.

The Art of Titanfall is just plain cool, serving not only as a rare insider look into the game’s inner workings, but also as a handy gallery of artistic reference.

1The Art of Titanfall features nearly two-hundred pages of incredible full color illustrations, ranging the entire imaginable gamut; weapons, mechs, vehicles, soldiers, and locations are all given equal and extensive coverage. It’s a big game, so the rich amount of artwork showcased in The Art of Titanfall should come as no surprise.

Of particular note is the chapter on weaponry – the concept art for Titanfall’s many guns manages to convey a believable mix of contemporary and futuristic styles, creating fantasy armaments that don’t require you to suspend much belief. As a teen who grew up drawing this kind of stuff for fun, I would have loved to have had a copy of this book back then.

It’s clear that the artists put in a great deal of love when creating Titanfall’s universe; the same amount of care and respect went into the making of the art book. It’s a beautiful addition to any collection, and fans of the game shouldn’t pass it up.





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The Art of Battlefield 4 is published by Titan Books and features full color illustrations throughout 192 pages. It is bound in hardcover and retails for $34.95.

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    This game seems totally legit. I think it’s the mech game I’ve been waiting for since Metal Warriors on the SNES.