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Angry Birds Space! to launch on March 22nd

February 18th, 2012 by

Space: the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Rovio franchise. Their three year mission: to destroy strange pig forts, to seek out new life and new bird variations, to boldly go where no birds have gone before.

Rovio’s announced a March 22nd release date for the next game in their wildly popular franchise, Angry Birds Space! I don’t know if that exclamation is part of the title. I hope not. I have enough trouble yelling Paladog! Here’s the post from their blog:

Hey, Geronimo! music video a tribute to iOS gaming

December 4th, 2011 by

Australian indie-pop band, “Hey, Geronimo!” are pretty much unknown. Scratch that, WERE pretty much unknown. Then they made this awesome video for their song “Why Don’t We Do Something?”

Five iOS staples are represented and cosplayed to near-perfection.


November 17th, 2011 by

Angry Birds are out to destroy Space Pigs, and have hitched a ride on the Soyuz.


Hit the jump for the video of the Soyuz launch and Space Bird.

What Angry Birds has to do with Stonehenge

November 15th, 2011 by

The answer to the purpose, and now ruins of Stonehenge has been answered with this retrospective recreation found on Google+ via user, Michael Mozart.


[via Michael Mozart]

Mashup: Star Wars vs. Angry Birds

October 1st, 2011 by

star wars angry birds

I still have  a strong dislike for Angry Birds, but this is done well and is decently funny.

Shit I’ve Been Playing

September 20th, 2011 by

It’s mid-September and autumn is just around the corner. Because you care, and because I’m *that* nice, here’s the word on all the shit I’ve been playing in this post-summer back-to-school season:

Disgaea 4 is more of the same; not necessarily a bad thing if you love the tried-and-true Disgaea formula. It’s turn-based tactical RPG warfare at its goofiest, encouraging you to break the system as cleverly as you can to power up your characters in the shortest amount of time.

How the Gluttony of First-Person-Shooter Games are Helping to Destroy Console and PC Gaming

September 11th, 2011 by

This rant is brought to you by a the recent news that the Syndicate series will soon be rebooted in a First-Person-Shooter title. Maybe you never played the Syndicate by Bullfrog productions. It is a tepid-quality isometric-view game of the 1990s that I found to be extremely fun and engaging, but the depth of story and lore lacking. Remember that last sentence, because it is important to the point I’m going to make.

Some would say that Syndicate was a sleeper hit. I don’t know, but I do know that I’m really disappointed that the Syndicate reboot is FPS, and not just because it bastardizes one of my favorite games from the past, but the concept insults my intelligence, and exposes the shallowness of the interactive entertainment industry and it’s apathy for delivering quality products.

I could start this discussion leading off with a thought around how FPS games seem to dominate the industry, speculate why (perhaps most modern game engines are built around the intention to play FPS and therefore the cost of producing one is negligible compared to the cost of making a game with new engines and mechanics, and something to the effect of low-brow American mainstream is where the dollars are at – hinting an intellectual slight against consumers of those games), and how such a limited choice of game types on consoles and PCs has allowed "social" and mobile games to make such tremendous gains in gamer attention at the cost of real social gaming: Think when you and your sister or cousin or neighbor from down the street finally saved the princess, found the varia suit, or defeated Gannondorf (yeah I said it).

Really, this Syndicate reboot is just a desperate attempt by EA to leech dollars off nostalgia-seeking players with minimal innovation or effort (minimal dollars in for maximum dollars out). This leads into a discussion how Indie developers are so (under)valued today since their primary intention isn’t to make money, but to make games that are fun. You see this same type of phenomenon in corporate America in every media publishing industry (newspaper, books, music, etc.): Mis-alignment of goals (money vs novel experiences) cause dissonance between consumer and developer/publisher. But the problem is cyclical and predicted easily: indie media sources create more and more value until they themselves become corporations and then become no longer aligned in goals with their consumer.

I don’t hate EA for doing this, I don’t hate Corporations (actually, I think both are doing what they should be doing), because it is their job to maximize it’s stockholder’s returns. Who I am really blaming in this mess is the consumer: The idiot who accepts that a game without any significant lore, background, or depth in story, a game whose only defining attributes are it’s core gameplay mechanics, can be reinvented as a First-Person-Shooter and still be called the same game. This idiot pays money for this heap of schlop and encourages the gaming industry to do it again and again so what you get is another game with a gun and ammo.

So for the non-idiots, the people who were done with most FPS after they finished Wolfenstein 3D or Doom, the people who are seeking something genuine and new, the thinking people – who creates video games for them if the mainstream industry all chase the easily won dollars of the cromagnon? The Indie developers. This is why the banal Angry Birds, the deceptively simplistic Minecraft, and sleeper hits like Demon’s Soul’s can dominate gamer’s time and the recorded history of great video games while "me-too" FPS will be consumed and defecated into the depths of kitsch waste where they belong. The financial returns on these titles isn’t great, and the development times are longer, the releases are sometimes buggier, and the communities built around these games are usually smaller, but the experiences of playing these games are richer, more memorable, and are generally more likely to be replayed because they are more unique.

I’ve held onto PC gaming for so long because I’ve believed in the those few remaining developers willing to take financial risks to create something worth my attention, and I’ve invested in console gaming strictly for a handful of titles from mostly indie developers, but the next generation of gaming is about making fools pay for experiences that they think are new, but are really just a gold-painted piece of shit. Those pieces of shit will live on in expensive consoles and will need expensive video cards, so that you can shoot bigger and more realistic guns from a first-person viewpoint. While something with 10% of the processing power but 50% of the cost of production will dominate mobile and browser based games, squarely leaving truly inventive games laying with the dinosaurs.

Theme Park Features Real-Life Angry Birds Game

September 9th, 2011 by

Awesome idea, but it doesn’t look to function quite the way it should. An impressive setup, though. Who’s down for a round of “Angry Babies?”

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