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What does the World of Warcraft have to do with Stuxnet, CIA?

November 15th, 2011 by

Short answer: The National Cyber Security Division

Longer answer: The team responsible for the protection of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) happens to play WoW with members of the CIA, both groups of which are part of the prior-mentioned National Cyber Security Division.

The Story: Apparently the “Sun of Stuxnet” called “Duqu” has been making rounds in Iran, and it’s the fault of the U.S. that Iran doesn’t have nukes peaceful energy yet.

[Via Human Events]

Help North Korea Build Nukes by Buying Gold Online

November 3rd, 2011 by

Via Geekology:

“Teams of farmers work around the clock from a base in Northern China. The Times says they have earned over $6 million for their efforts, over half of which has been delivered to North Korean agents in the captial of Pyongyang.

Western sources believe the money generated through these activities is used to help fund North Korea’s nuclear program and Kim Jong-il’s lavish lifestyle”