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Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey needs Greenlit, pick it up on the cheap in the Humble Store

August 7th, 2014 by

I’m really late to this story, but if I don’t know, there’s a good chance you may not as well.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey (formerly “Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey“) is up for a vote on Steam Greenlight. Originally released for iOS and Android, Letter Quest is an awesome word game with roleplaying elements and a ton of nerd humor that I know you’re going to love. The team over at Bacon Bandits didn’t half-ass this port, making all sorts of changes while removing the (incredibly fair) in-app purchases altogether. If you like Bookworm Adventures, Words with Friends, or even Boggle, then Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is right up your alley.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Try out their web demo, or download this PC demo (executable linked) and see if you like it. I bet you dollars to donuts that you will.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a free XIV-day trial

August 5th, 2014 by


If you’re a PC gamer and MMORPG fan who has ignored Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, maybe it’s time you give it a look. I mean, it’s the Final Fantasy so nice, they had to launch it twice!

Square Enix recently launched a couple of promotions, both out to bring in some new blood to the land of Eorzea. Wait, what? Eorzea? Really?!

The first promotion is a 14-day free trial for new players. Though the trial will place restrictions upon the account, such as item trading and early level caps, it should be enough to give people a feel for the world. I’d imagine it’s pretty much the same as Final Fantasy XI, seeing as loads of assets were re-used, but that’s me assuming because this trial is region locked! What, my Korean Won’s not good enough for you, you xenophobic snobs!

Then, after the trial period has expired, players will have 90 days to subscribe before the characters are lost forever. Say “Au revoir, Eorzea.” Now try it five times fast.

Humble 2K Bundle brings Bioshock, XCOM, and more

July 9th, 2014 by


Just because the Steam Summer Sale is finished, doesn’t mean that there aren’t PC game deals to be had.

The good folks over at Humble Bundle have teamed up with 2K Games for the Humble 2K Bundle. Pay what you want and get Bioshock and some schlock. Pay more than average (just $7.10 as of this writing) and get Bioshock 2, Mafia II, and Spec Ops: The Line as a reward for your charitable deeds.

New to the Humble Bundle is the third price-point tier regularly found in the weekly bundles. Pay more than $20, and you get Bioshock Infinite and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for your troubles. I’d like to call bullshit shenanigans on them for jacking up the average price, but that seems like a real jerk move when you consider the quality of those two games and that some of the cash goes to charity. If you’re salty about it, make sure to customize your payment and push that slider over to the Charity side. Nothing says angry like begrudgingly donating to the American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger out of sheer spite.

This deal lasts for the next two weeks. More games are sure to be added, seeing as they’ve already stated as much. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Borderlands 2 or, at the very least, some form of Grand Theft Auto.

How crazy would it be if this was how Grand Theft Auto V launched on PC? I’m just saying…

The Brilliant Concept Art of Titanfall

March 20th, 2014 by

Art of Titanfall

Did you know there was an art book for Titanfall? Yeah, it’s a thing, and it’s exceptionally rad. Published by Titan Books, The Art of Titanfall gives fans a glimpse into the game that goes beyond the surface – right into the very guts of the game and all the concepts that make Titanfall’s aesthetic foundation.

The Art of Titanfall is just plain cool, serving not only as a rare insider look into the game’s inner workings, but also as a handy gallery of artistic reference.

Breath of Fire 6 announced for PC, mobile, and tablets

August 2nd, 2013 by


Well, that was unexpected.

Capcom is dusting off the Breath of Fire franchise once more, announcing Breath of Fire VI and a multitude of other games during a presentation over on NicoNico Video (premium subscription required… lame) as seen in these screen captures from this blog post on Esuteru. It’s coming to PC, tablets, and mobile phones sometime in 2014.

Not much of anything is known at this time, including if it will be available in English at all, but with the sorry state of RPGs over the past decade, it’s great to see a familiar face.

Welcome To Skyrim! Now With No Snow

May 16th, 2013 by

Imagine for a second that Nirn undergoes a sudden and inexplicable axial shift, causing the continent of Tamriel to become all jacked-up as Skyrim heats up into a steamy paradise. That’s what this mod is all about, and it shore do look purty.

Modify your game with Tropical Skyrim today, and say goodbye to snow, ice, and arboreal woodlands forever!

Tropical Skyrim — A Climate Overhaul [nexusmods]

Humble Bundle with Android 5 is here, contains Super Hexagon

March 5th, 2013 by

humble_bundle_droid_5I don’t know about you, but I love gaming on the cheap. Indie games scratch the gaming itch just enough that I’ve pretty much become a mobile-only gamer.

Enter Humble Bundle with Android 5. In this Humble Android Bundle, pay what you want to get DRM-free games and Android-compatible APKs, and maybe push some money towards charity at the same time.

This bundle brings four games to the party: Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, Nightsky HD, and Beat Hazard Ultra. Pay more for your bundle than the average user, and you’ll net yourself Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders as well.

Syrian Games: A Bottomless Pit Of Amazing Knockoffs

February 13th, 2013 by

syrian games robocop

Not much is known about Syrian Games, other than they’re a pirate-game publisher with a bewildering selection of crazy knockoffs. Their “About Us” page has only a single, ominous word: “Soon”. Their online catalog, on the other hand, is gigantic by comparison. And boy, is it ever amazing.

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